Here are some simple steps that can help you solve your screen printing troubleshooting problem.

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    Stencils wash off It will be very frustrating to see your newly opened stencils being washed down the drain.Stencils that won’t wash off.Soft or sticky emulsion.Stencil or jagged blur pricks.

    Lines Or Spots On The Emulsion During Coating

    If lines or spots appear on the emulsion, try coating the stencil again, contact a coating specialist. An unwashed paddle coater, or a machine that has now begun to wear and stain with use, will smoothly break the line formed by the edge of the coater, causing lines or multiple bumps in the coating during emulsion flipping as you apply the screen. If it’s a larger case, you’ll likely find that your coater’s blade nicks and skin problems are introduced into the emulsion coating. Often, these dents can be smoothed out with fine sandpaper along the way if the damage to the applied coating is clear.Too strong, needs to be replaced.

    Overexposure[edit | Update Source]

    What happens if you over expose a silkscreen?

    Setting the exposure time is a bit like using the “Goldilocks principle”. You will notice that the extreme will lead to the fact that oneThe border will be underexposed and the other overexposed, but you need to determine what is “correct”, which can often involve some risky and error checking. The exposure step calculator can help you choose an incredible duration.

    Overexposure results in loss of area detail in images. When printed emulsions are exposed to light, the UV layers or polymerize cross-link each other, making them difficult to wash off. When ultraviolet light hits the photographic emulsion, it becomes cross-linked, making it difficult or impossible to wash it out during the processing step. This overexposure ends when the exposure is longer than the subject should be, and the UV rays start creeping around the tips of the positive areas of your home art, reducing fine lines and potentially erasing them all. opaque areas of the positive film, continuous creating a block of bacterial emulsion.

    screen printing troubleshooting exposure

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