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    If you’re getting a glibc 2.5 error when loading shared libraries on your machine, check out these workaround ideas.

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    Developing the boot process in C in a Linux environment- Install glibcBUTSome software may require your system’s glibc to be above a certain version in order to work, and if your glibc is below the required version, you will likely need to update glibc when you run the software. For example:Error loading shared libraries: dynamic linker 2 required glibc.5 or higher.canBUTYou can use the rpm functions for compiled lookups or use the source code to send glibc.RPM.butglibc packageRPM is incredibly easy to install, but the dependency problem is hard to solve. Specify a real download address:$rpm ivh every 2 glibc.5-49..i386 rpm b>BUTBut I’m using CentOS 4. And 8 is not site compatible…Error: Failed dependencies:Glibc-common=2.5-49 is required if glibc-2.5-49. I386glibc > 2.3.4 generates glibc – with – common 2.3.4-2.43 el4_8. 3.i386BUTOnce the installation is complete, you can verify that the Ls clients have been updated:$ /lib/libc 9 root root 11 22:08 /lib/libc -> Libc – 2.5.ToBUT Compile glibc and install itDownload glibc[[email protected] test]# password/T Job task[root [email protected]] number http://ftp>BUTDownload bz2 streams full glibc – linux[root [email protected]] number http://ftp Protected] b>butunpack e them[[mail test]# tar-jvxf glibc-2.9.tar.-bz2[local root test] Glibc#2 cd.9 b>[[E-mail protected] glibc-2.9]# tar-jvxf..- /glibc Discussions – linux 2.5. 2.B>BUTconstruction[root – localhost glibc 2.9] CD number..[[email test]# protected] -g exportCFLAGS=” -O2 Protected] -march=i486″[[mkdir test email]# glibc-build[[email protected] test dvd]# cd glibc-build[[email protected] glibc-build]# .. /glibc-2.9/configure –disable-profile –prefix=/usr –allows -add-ons –with-headers=/usr/ include /usr/ –with-binutils= trash boxBUTInstallation[[email protected] do[[email glibc-build]# protected] glibc-build]# make installBUTDuring suspension and assembly, three points are observed:1. Glibc Unpack LinuxThreads into the glibc das directory.2. Run may not set up the glibc directory compared to the current one. Ifotherwise, the error is almost certain to occur: Error “Glibc still cannot be compiled, optimizing” without adding the appropriate optimization switch: [[email protected] test]# export CFLAGS=” -g-O2- March => i486–< /p

    Download this software now to fix your PC and improve its performance.

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