Today’s guide has been created to help you when you receive a tftp router configuration error.

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    I discovered this problem today. I have 3 routers (two 1841 and one with designation 2801) and 3 switches (all 2950) during CCNA in my lab at your home. Came up to my wired internet router (dlink dgl-4500). I had to type static in order to route Dlink to send boxes back to the cisco routers.

    Each of my two routers did a TFTP transition (Raspberry Pi forum). These two are superbly connected. One of my routers was immediately connected to the pi raspberry network and didn’t connect! Can ping an IP address fine, but no TFTP. Disabling Always Firewall is no fun. I

    If it was found that some host files were allowed, the TFTP system unit was configured to only offer a network with a cable hub, and not other networks. Wireless routers that were within hopping distance used the network to return to the TFTP server (via interfering routes on the wired router), although the only directly connected router was most likely on a network not listed in hosts .allow for (and me there are ALL :ALL hosts on.deny).

    This is it A case where a ping command called TFTP works but even fails when there is no firewall running. Wireshark didn’t help much either. I guess next time I’ll remember to connect with hosts.allow.

     Configuring Pit#terminal router Enter configuration commands line by line.Petes router (config)#no configuration list Pete's Router(config)#exit Router Petes#copy running-config startup-config

    When booting Cisco hardware from Cisco via IOS software, if you clear the configuration and reconfigure an available Cisco router as new while the WAN link is actually up and running, you will see an error similar to the following:

    Router No
    %Error opening with tftp:// (Timed out)
    %Error opening cfg tftp:// (expired)

    %Error opening with tftp:// out)
    Error waiting for %cfg while stopping tftp:// (expired)
    %Error opening Tftp://255 from.255.255.255/cisconet.expired (expired)
    %Error opening cfg with tftp://255.255.255.(expired)

    March Utizer No.
    %Error 255/router-config opens socket tftp://
    %Error (error opening tftp://255 from.255.255.255/cisconet.cfg (failed to open socket)
    %error tftp:// (socket error)
    %Preliminary error tftp:// (socket message error)

    These errors are no doubt related to a standard Cisco IOS Firmware Service design option attempting to access platform configuration files from a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server on the network.

    To fix this error message, the embedded device must be directly disabled by default. To do this, enter the global command for the not config service, as shown in the example below,

    Router#Configure block>Enter terminal

    Router(config)#not config


    router#copy running-config startup-config

    The next time you start the current router, these error messages will no longer be displayed.

    What kind of mask did you create?Are you on PC? which router matches I would try using a tftp server (like tftpd) to see if it works. I told you never to play Solarwinds with it, but as long as you set up your router/computer correctly, this doesn’t happen often. I would also check that all firewalls are disabled, especially the windows firewall, when running Vista/7. Could you post your config here for people to see.

    Also, maybe a stupid question, but you have enough space for the OS you want to boot, right? I think you can uninstall bypass the current iOS and try to download the file. Unfortunately, at the moment this place is almost lost. I think this happened once in my life when I had so much fun rebuilding my OS and trying to fix a failed RAM.any

    In case, copy every working configuration and every literal error you get. Someone has the opportunity to answer, I’m sure yes.

    You can no longer postb replies, new ones that can discuss this. If you definitely have a question, you can start a new discussion

    error opening tftp router-config timed out

    Try moving the Cisco file to the 2924 XL switch with the largest server 8MB RAM from by changing the address to

    If you try to manually copy an entry to edit it, you will receive a “timed out” error.

    Message that the TFTP server does not show the supported address range in the Internet addresses..Href=”/members/zkahl”>

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    Zak Loop1



    Thanks Zach for your own answer..

    Firewall disabled..and tftp configured to allow udp port69..Monday,

    February 11, 2013, 12:19 pm by Zach Kahl

    Errore Durante L Apertura Di Tftp Router Config Timeout
    Fout Bij Openen Tftp Router Config Time Out
    Oshibka Pri Otkrytii Tftp Router Config Isteklo Vremya Ozhidaniya
    Blad Podczas Otwierania Routera Tftp Config Uplynal Limit Czasu
    Fehler Beim Offnen Von Tftp Router Config Timed Out
    Erreur Lors De L Ouverture Du Delai De Configuration Du Routeur Tftp
    Fel Vid Oppning Av Tftp Router Config Tog Timeout
    Error Al Abrir Tftp Router Config Agotado
    Tftp 라우터 구성을 여는 동안 오류가 발생했습니다 시간이 초과되었습니다
    Erro Ao Abrir A Configuracao Do Roteador Tftp Expirou