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    You should try these fixes when you receive a bad image checksum version.dll error message.


  • Get your PC back to its best with Restoro

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  • After several attempts to restart it, failing and cursing the best amount, I figured I could reformat it, since it was a long time ago and the problem was a virus. Then I talked about my biggest problem: I have a specific and cd-rom And-CD-RW, currently the cd-rom has stopped working and responding until this year. I could use CD-RW to run my Windows XP CD for boot but when I select the boot sequence menu the program only shows my hard drive, low drive and CD-ROM. So I can’t choose my CD-RW drive. The disk is working fine, but it’s not listed?

    I’m not computer savvy, but if anyone has any ideas, if you can discuss what to do step by step, that might be great. Thanks,

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    Have you heard about rpcrt4.dll in a message from your company? It is important to forward exactly the message you see on . your

    Describe your current computer malware protection situation for and software: McAfee, Norton, Spybot, Avira!, Defender, avg, ZoneAlarm, PC Tools, MSE, Comodo, etc. Doubtful

    Was it preceded by power, a failed reboot, or an abort? Includes (as well as disable, traditional app)Reverse power, battery removal, etc.)

    bad image checksum version.dll

    Do you have a real XP installation boot disk (it’s not the same as the recovery disk that came with your current system)?

    Are you using the CD to display this Microsoft recovery window with the No Profile option? I don’t know what that even means, unless it’s the CD you brought with your system. In this case, I would use it for an absolute stand, and not for treating your system.

    If the file c:windowssystem32rpcrt4.dll is simply missing, or if it bothers you, don’t just run the latest configuration with the correct name.

    You will no longer work in any of the Safe Neo modes.

    Even if you could boot intelligently, you would find that sfc/scannow does not work in all cases (always) in error mode. If you try, you will see every message that looks like a defense:

    Windows Files may not scan protected system files.

    The specific error is programming at 0x000006ba from [The RPC server is indeed unavailable.].

    I can’t playyou can correct the error, but it is not difficult to completely replace the current rpcrt4.dll file. It looks like you have a working CD drive, so send yourself a Hiren-Start CD as soon as you get started so the public can copy your valuable files to USB security. Must

    your existing system already has a backup copy of rpcrt4 print.dll, here too:

    You will either need to rename or update the rpcrt4.dll file located in C:windowssystem32 and replace it with another one you find by simply copying the copy.

    Your platform should already have a backup copy of rpcrt4 replication.dll here or here:

    When you receive CDs from Hiren, you can replace missing or suspicious files. If you need help, first complete Hiren’s CD, boot and then we can proceed safely.

    bad image checksum version.dll

    Click “Get” on the left, scroll down, select a version. When it appears, the download request link is very small and hard to see. It’s at the bottom of the page just above the drop-down list for older versions, and It looks like this (click on this ingredient to download the zip file):

    Click on the “Live HTTP Mirror” link to configure the download and save the ZIP file on your desktop in a location you remember.

    Download this software now to fix your PC and improve its performance.

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